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Gordon Duncan is an award-winning educator, salesman, teacher, manager, writer, and pastor. He has taught in the public-school system, lobbied for school's accreditation, managed eye clinics, led sales' teams, and also publishes books on theology, church, and culture.   He is a graduate of East Carolina University and Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte.   He has been in the eye industry since 1999 and an elder in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) since 2000.  He planted Sovereign King Church in Garner, NC in 2005, and planted Evident Grace Church in Fredericksburg, VA in 2013. Learn more at them at   You can find out more about his resources for the eye industry at and  His thoughts on church and culture can be found at His spiritual writings can be found at   He has been happily married to Amy for over 20 years and is the proud father of 3 wonderful girls.  

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